Help text for the FormD Search screen

Use the Form D search utility to search for your FORM D Filing.  You may use a variety of search criterion in the search input box including: 
  • Issuer CIK Number (Central Index Key)
  • Issuer Name
  • Accession Number
  • EFD ID - Each FORM D offering is given a unique EFD ID that will follow the offering throughout its lifespan including amendments, renewals, terminations and withdrawals.   The EFD ID ties associated accession numbers together and differentiates between offerings and offering series

You may also use the drop down on the "Search" button to define more specifically what you are looking to search for including these additional search criterion options:

  • CRD Number
  • Recipient Name
  • Related Persons
  • State File Number
  • Signatures (as reported on the EDGAR Form D)

The Search results are limited to show only the first 100 results.  If more than 100 results are found, the total number of matching results is given above the results list and the first 100 results will be displayed.

Click the EFD ID in the results list to see the EDGAR Form D Offering.   If you are logged in as a filer, you will be given a button to create notices for this offering in the EFD: Current State Notices Section of the web page.   If notices have already been submitted to states for this offering, then those states will be listed in this area as well.  If no states are listed then this means that there are no DIGITAL Notices for any states submitted through EFD.   If you need to verify if a notice may have been submitted manually (paper filing), then you will need to contact that state administrator for more information.